How to Change Your Life in 3 Steps By Looking Within

You Have The Answers Within

Making positive changes in your life can seem overwhelming and require a lot of deep soul searching. When it comes to changing your life for the better Simone Allison has some great tips, whether it’s changing your life path, relationships, or career, so I'm super excited to interview her on the Glamour & Gains podcast.

Simone Allison on how to change your life.

Simone is a female empowerment coach (we are all about empowering each other here). She’s an international bestselling author, in her book ‘Disempowered No More’ a spiritual journey to discovering purpose, power, and passion after divorce, she chronicles everything that’s gone on in her life that’s taken her to where she is now, and she’s able to offer all of these incredible insights, so I'm so grateful to have her with us today as bettering yourself starts with you! The talk turns to angels, which I wasn’t expecting, but keep listening or reading to make up your own mind and take the tips that are relevant to you.

With everything going on today, there are so many opportunities to create new businesses, there’s changes in relationships and all around us, and some of us might be wanting to make those life changes but are too scared to do it or have no idea even where to even start to be able to make these changes. So what I want to know is:

What plans you have to have in place to make life changes?

What I suggest to others first and foremost is to go within. When you really want to create change, whether it’s your job or your purpose in this life, whether it’s in a relationship; if you do want to make a change, I recommend that you go within. When you go within, you find the answers that you're looking for. Our souls are speaking to us at all times, it’s just sometimes our lives and minds are so busy it makes it really difficult to hear what's going on within and when we meditate, you're then able to calm and soothe the mind and to really here are soul speaking to us. So by tapping into the higher self, or if you believe in a higher power, you can pray and you can ask the universe.

Then what you want to do is to set an intention, what I mean by that is you want to get really clear on what it is you want to shift in your life. Get very clear on it because we’re energetic beings, we’re human beings having this spiritual experience. So we want to send out that positive energy to the universe and get really clear, positive, and sure on what intention we’re setting. And then finally, what you want to do is, and this might take some time, because I know certainly took me some time, but what you want to is begin to let go. And what I mean by let go is, you may want to control the outcome of whatever it is that we’re in search of but we have to let the universe play its part as well.

We have this way as humans, that we want to control things, but with time we realize that there's only so much we can do and the rest we have to leave up to the universe. So letting go is the last piece, but when you are wanting to leave a relationship, which is hard and I knew that this was something that was meant to be, it was something that was supposed to happen, when doors close for us, we have to realize that others will open, bigger and better ones. A lot of times we are stuck in that fear of making a huge change but if we don't find that power within, then what we're doing is telling the universe that we want to remain there. So what I’d encourage you to do is to go within, meditate, find the answers you’re looking for, set your intention, and then let it go.

It's a really clear three-step plan.

When you were going through your spiritual awakening, you had experiences with synchronicities where you knew you were on the right path as you felt that you were receiving divine guidance, can you give us some examples? How you knew you were being guided and going in the right direction?

I found out from someone that we all have angels, now I came from a Catholic upbringing and we didn’t focus on angels. So when I heard this I thought this is fou-fou, this is not something that I subscribe to (as many of you maybe thinking now). But what ended up happening was, I would look at my phone, my clock on my stove, things on the television, and see repeating numbers. This has never happened before. I began to see synchronicities (repeating numbers), or songs on the radio that answer a question that you put out into the universe. Your friend answering questions that you asked God to answer.

So, I began to see things like this happening over and over and then what I did was, I went within again and I spoke to my angels, and I did my research and I began to understand that our angels are all around us. And you know angels don't have egos, so they’re not our departed loved ones, they’re energetic beings.  When they picture when you see a picture of an angel on magazine in a book, it shows human form but they’re not human form. They do that so we can better understand what is happening, that they are our angels and they are communicating with us but they do that so that we understand. But they are only energy, just as we are only energy. But our angels are there, around us, and they want to guide, help us, and have us succeed on our journey. 

Even friends I would speak to, I began to encounter friends that were on the same the path of self love. I began to attract people that were on the same path, that’s another synchronicity. I began to talk to people about these experiences and lo and behold they would look at their would look at their phone and they would suddenly see repeating numbers for the first time and I began to notice that this was happening more and more. 

Just some of the very many experiences I've had along my journey that have really spoken to me but the guidance and the support is available to all of us.

How would you recommend us recognizing angels, how can we be aware of them in our everyday lives so that we can look for the signals and utilize them and utilize their help?

What I would suggest is if you don't talk to your angels, if you don’t pray that’s ok. Just let them know, or  you can use what I use which is “Angels, Angels everywhere, Angels, Angels, hear my prayer” and with that you start and you let your angels know to show you a sign that they're here. They will show you a sign!

I recall one moment where, I was still grappling whether I believed in the signs that I was receiving, because many times I would go back and forward with whether I believed in it or not. What is this thats really happening? Is it just coincidence? So, I remember specifically one day asking my angels to show me a definitive sign, I asked for a white feather. I would suggest you ask for a white feather but somewhere outside where you can experience it, not inside lying in bed. I remember one day in my apartment building and I went downstairs to get my mail and I re-enter my elevator and as I walked out of my elevator, I look down and in front of me was a white feather, so that was confirmation. But yes, my angels heard my prayer, so I would urge and encourage others to really reach out and they will show you the signs.

Still Unsure?

Eve: It’s such a beautiful thing but if you’re really unsure about this, if you're not sure what we’re talking about, just give it a go! It doesn't cost any money to try, you’ve got nothing to lose from just trying it but you have to believe, you have to commit to it. Don't worry what anyone else is thinking. I know in times of loss in my life, a white feather has always appeared to me and other females in my family but people always have a way of finding a reason why; “it's because you got a new pillow case or duvet”, they want to find a logical answer because they haven’t experienced it. Just trust the process, don’t be discouraged.

What’s next?

We’ve talked about a lot about tapping into the higher self and meditation, so Simone and I have created a separate episode on meditation: the how, what and why so that you can really understand and set this process in motion because I think it's so important and will give you so much more confidence and peace in your everyday life.  

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