How & Why to Make Fitness A Priority Wherever You Are with Kate & J Addis

Strategies for making health and fitness manageable and enjoyable however busy you are.

Glamour & Gains Podcast guests Kate & Jared Addis

Glamour & Gains Podcast guests Kate & Jared Addis

Eve: Today we're going to talk about staying fit while traveling, as a lot of us work on the road and are really busy as business owners, so it's about how and why to make Fitness a priority in your everyday life, making sure you’re prepared on the road and you have these great habits you can count on.

I was lucky to have created these good habits: I used to travel with all of my food when I was competing and now just travel with select things and supplements, I will research and find the hotels with the right equipment, I research restaurants online like a lunatic, and I used to even check I could have a microwave and fridge put in my room.

Today I'm going to have my friends, who are all the way from Austin, Kate & J talk a little bit about how they stay fit and healthy on the road and why it's important to them.  I'm going to let them tell you what they do for a living, so it’s more interesting and accurate.

Kate: I’m Kate Addis and I'm a physical therapist and I work with an advanced technology robotic exoskeleton to help paralyzed individuals walk and my husband and I own residential assisted living homes as well as have a real estate portfolio.

J: Hey guys, I’m J, I’m an entrepreneur, an investor and a coach.

Eve: Awesome! So now we know about you and you understand why they’re so busy, you’ll respect more about how they fit workouts in as we all have the same amount of hours in the day. We all have to plan and make it priority.  

Why is fitness and health so important in your lives?

J:  I just think that how you take care of your body is kind of how you take care of everything and so setting yourself up for success, starting the day, you know, we are early morning workout people, we have that early victory. It's so important, as it sets us up for a series of wins throughout the day and our businesses and our relationship and our life and translates into everything.

Kate: I would also add in it helps to build strength not just to strength of your muscles but strength in every other aspect of your life and when you push yourself in the gym you're willing to push yourself in other areas of your life. When there are difficult times in my life and I'm not prioritizing, then that has an absolutely negative effect on my life and it's so important for me to no matter what get that time in the gym in.

Eve: I think that’s so true. You hit on 2 really great points there; 1 is timing, why it’s so important to do cardio early, 1 is to set your mind up for the day: it puts you in such a great place, it's done, you checked off the list, you're ready to go and then it's also if you’re doing fasted cardio, you’re tapping into those fat stores and then secondly it’s the discipline. You rarely see clinically obese entrepreneurs, because they have that discipline, they have that mindset. They know how to schedule.  

Can you show us your tips and strategies for staying fit?

J: If I can make it relevant with your intro, I think this is super good takeaway for people, is all of the things that you were doing when you were performing at the professional level and a lot of people look at a successful entrepreneur or a successful WBFF athlete and what you do and being so regimented really intimidates a lot of people. I know even sometimes I meet people and I'm like, how am I ever going to be that successful! I'm so far from that success but the key thing in business and in health is in taking that first step, and what you said is I was doing this and this and this and this and you didn't start out that way you built up to that. So what's important I think is to not overcomplicate things and we're going to give you some nuggets specifically, but just generically don't overcomplicate you workout. Because you wake up go to the gym try and do a little bit better the next day, I promise you, that progress is going to be way better than perfection.

Kate: ...and the key is really taking that first step. Our biggest thing and one of the biggest nuggets that we have for you is to create a plan and within that plan we have three strategies that we think are very important and really help in developing. The first of those strategies is going to be consistency. Have it be consistent on that schedule for your workouts every single day, just a little bit that has completely changed my workout routine is doing 30 minutes every single day. I used to think I needed an hour in the gym but I don’t as long as Im being consistent.

J: 7 days. Make it a habit.

Eve:  I completely agree, it has to be consistent, thats why diets don’t work because as soon as you stop doing it you’re back to square one. You can’t stop and expect to stay where you’re at. So it’s having that plan. So even if 2 of those days are scheduled recovery days, it’s important to just move in some way.

J: ...and being intentional, even with a recovery day.

Eve:  mind muscle connection.

Kate: Exactly. Our next strategy is keep it simple so as Jay said, don't over complicate it. So just go in with that intention in that plan but keep it simple. You don't have to do all these crazy workouts in the gym or to try to look like the Instagram model or do all the instagram workouts. J: I’m a big fan of going to the gym and stealing good peoples workouts. Just going with some exercises that you know you're going to do and accomplish that, have three or four good workouts, three or four times to soak up 25-30 minutes and then rotate them. Whether you use Instagram or Pinterest or YouTube to find a couple of good performance workouts and you just do a circuit of those. Keep it simple and I promise it'll build from that, that momentum will set you up.

Eve: Absolutely, today I only did 4 exercises for my glutes and hamstrings (6 sets of 20) but when a person is going to hang a picture on the wall, they go get a hammer, they don’t use every tool in the tool box.

J: Again a principal that crosses over into a relationship, business and health, is just that: keep it simple. I mean there are times in our business where we've even gotten off track or tried to over complicate things, or too many tasks, you're doing too many things at once, or having too many feet in too many different buckets and it's like, focus on a few things that you know work, do those, do them right, be happy about it, be intentional about it, and then build on that.

Eve: I love that and I think that's why health and fitness is so important because it translates into so many areas of our life. The discipline, keeping it simple and having all these skills that translate into all areas of our lives, just so transferable.

Kate: … and when you keep it simple, you have those small wins, those victories which makes a huge difference to continue to build yourself, your self confidence.

Eve: Yeah, it’s motivation. If you have a small win and you notice a difference, then you're going to keep going with that and keep on track.

J: and the last big nugget for us is to have a target. Again, just like business or other areas of your life, even a relationship, if you don't have a target, you’re sort of floundering and yeah showing up is good ,but if you know you want to be a certain weight, you want to look a certain way, you want to do you want to, have a certain amount of body fat, to run a certain distance, your training for a marathon, whatever it is all of those are fine but they should be realistic and you should have a target.

Kate: and when you have a target, that target pulls you towards your goal.

Eve: I think it’s important when we’re talking goals is to be very specific. Be specific, be measurable, you have to be able to say: I want to fit in this size jeans by this date or I need my heart rate to be this when I'm doing my cardio. Make it attainable, what's realistic? It’s not always about what you look like but being in optimal health. And then being timed and accountable.

Eve: What are your favorite fitness apps?

Kate: We have been loving the Beach Body app because you can access all of the Beach Body workouts on the app for $99 for a year.  And it’s great, I travel so much for work, I can put that on my phone, I can do the workout from my hotel room, and choose the program. I stick with the program until the end and so that makes it really easy to measure my goals.

J: Yeah, they’ve done a really good job and full disclosure we don't get anything for saying that, maybe we should! We are firm believers in it as it’s worked for us and again just taking a little bit of the planning and making that easier and being able to have ,no matter what happened, is this person's got a really good program. It's easy to follow, you know that all you have to do is wake up, show up to the gym at 5:30 (you can tell he’s ex military), whatever time it is and you'll be good to go. Just turn it on and do what they say.

Kate: So great if you’re struggling to put together a fitness plan and don't know how, just download this app because they have multiple plans.

Eve: My suggestion would be to stick to one for at least 3 months unless you hate it, being consistent, giving it time to see results, giving it a chance. If you do one for three months/12 weeks, you’re going to get a lot out of it rather than trying to do a million different things and getting confused because there’s so much information out there and sometimes it doesn’t mesh well together. So just keeping everything very streamlined, keeping it simple, everything in that one place, and then if you don't like it or you just want a change, then change. And listen to recommendations from others, especially friends, so you know I'm going to be trying next; the beach body app.

You also travel with a few things, so what do you like to travel with?

Kate: I like to travel with my resistance bands, I have both bands that are in a loop for doing glute and shoulder exercises, and then I have bands that are just straight. Then I have a roller to roll out my muscles.

J: I travel as light as possible but a good pair of shoes and I like to find the stairs and if you're staying in a hotel with really tall, a killer workout that’s easy to get in even 10 minutes will make a major impact.

Eve: And if you’re traveling super light, Soul Cycle will provide your towel and shoes for you: I literally travel with my sports bra for workouts and I don't care what I look like. Another one is the Westin, they’ll provide your entire outfit, shoes, and running route maps. Wherever you’re going, look into it, plan ahead, it’s so easy to put barriers up rather than looking for solutions that work for you.

Kate: I have another suggestion on apps if you're somebody that maybe doesn’t like going to the gym and you need a class, class pass has been awesome! Class pass you can use anywhere in the United States and it's a bunch of different Studios, yoga studios, spin Studios ,boxing Studios, that all participate on Class Pass.  I love trying all of these new studios when I travel. And I love doing it with friends.

J: That’ll check a socialization box too, which with Fitness, feeling, good super important. We have a goal as a relationship, to work out once a week at least together. That work out can be anything, we do a lot of boxing or yoga on that day. It's super important, super enjoyable, as well as something to look forward to.

Kate: That way it changes it up and keeps you engaged

Eve: Right! You have to concentrate, you can’t just go through the motions.

Tell me about some healthy foods you travel with, any restaurants or chain places you like?

Kate: I travel with nuts: pecans, almonds, walnuts .I also try to find healthy snacks in like the airport store or even like you know, a little cheese stick, different things that are very healthy good fats. For eating out in restaurant, sometimes I’m in just totally random places United States and I don't have that many good options but there's usually something that you can choose.

J: It’s that series of small choices that have a huge impact overtime, and those little choices like not eating a bun or not dominating all of the fries with the burger. Moderation is really important and there's a lot of comfort involved with food, especially as I traveled on the road for 10 years and it was so easy to just say I'm on the road by myself I'm expensing, I'm going to go have whatever I want and now it's like, no. I I've trained myself to believe that good food is good for my body, it's good fuel. That's important for me having a good day, for me to be able to have success in my life, so all of those things are like a package deal, so when I make one of those crappy choices for something that I know isn’t good for my body, it represents so much more to me now that I'm like now I’m not going to do that.

Eve: There is so much killer content in here, and I know it's a lot, but you can hit replay or hit rewind, get as much out of this as you need. All of the apps and where to find Kate and Jared are linked below.

Kate: Instagram: katealisonaddis

Jared: Instagram  thejaddis

Eve: Be sure to follow them, they provide a lot of thought provoking and inspiring content.

Team Addis out!

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Talking about why fitness is important and how they make it work wherever they are.

Talking about why fitness is important and how they make it work wherever they are.