Happy Hours Get Happier With Healthier Alternatives

Healthier Happy Hour Ideas: All the Fun Minus the Excess

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Happy hours are probably one of the main ways I socialize. I love a good drink as part of a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. I even have a dedicated Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/champagne_diary

Coffee and tea dates are fine for the afternoon but not many of us can handle caffeine late in day and let’s be honest cocktail hour’s are way more fun. It’s about having a normal life, not missing out, or feeling deprived but to do that we have to make smart choices. I'm not saying to stick to the healthy alternatives 100% of the time, but if you do so more often than not, you've got much more chance of staying on track!


I feel like it’s normally appetizers we do in at happy hours or over drinks so here are my top swaps that are

very similar but ton healthier.

● Dips and sauces: tomato instead of cheese or cream based

● Fresh table-side guacamole rather than queso.

● Ask for Raw vegetables instead of dipping chips - or both (normally have them anywhere they serve wings)

● Grilled Chicken skewers/ Chicken Satay instead of wings or fried chicken

● Ceviche or Poke instead of calamari

● Sliders protein style with lettuce instead of the cheese & bun

● Crab cakes instead of wontons or potstickers

● Chicken Lettuce wraps instead of quesadillas, tacos or flautas

● Flatbread instead of deep pan or stuffed crust pizza. You can even ask for light or no cheese.

● Sashimi instead of sushi


  • Wine or champagne instead of cocktails and beer (generally less sugar and calories).

  • Ask for a wine spritzer with with soda water instead of tonic or lemonade (less cals and alcohol)

  • Soda water instead of tonic, sodas, or juices (less calories and sugar)

A Happy Hour every now and again never hurt anyone but sometimes there's periods of time where they happen more than less and life's too short to say no! These swaps allow you to not miss out on what you love and still manage to have a healthy lifestyle, with a few simple lifestyle habits.

Enjoy and have a fabulous, fit night out.

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