Pulse 2018: Where Trends Are Born

Who and what trends are going to be the next big thing in 2019? 

Pulse Earls Court, London 2018

I'd spotted Pulse London on my Instagram feed, which I'm guilty of spending way too much time doing. Pulse describes itself as: 

the UK’s most exclusive and trend-led event for new product, brand launches and retail inspiration across living, fashion accessories and gifts.
— Pulse-London.com

I've always been a learner after a teacher once said to our class "If you're not growing, you're dying" and that's stuck with me ever since. Now that I'm in the embryotic stage of setting up my own cosmetic company, I'm even more thirsty to learn, network, and learn from others rather than from mistakes. 

Pulse London is a small curated exhibit that allows brands to align with the very best in the design world. Usually Olympia can be overwhelming, so it was refreshing to be in the Grand Hall with no lines, clutter, or crowds at this trade-only event, as the experts had curated the brands that highlighted the very latest trends, talent and directional brands. As well having the Indigo Lounge for complimentary tea and coffee to relax and review what we'd just seen and heard.

The main attraction for me was the expert advice and business insight offered at the 'Shop-Talk' presentations. I listened to 'Profitability Over Popularity' with Sam Burgess , Social Marketing Expert - Social Mouth. We all know how overwhelming the Instagram territory can be to navigate. Not only that, but trying to avoid being spammy and ad-based but instead genuine, like-able and trust-worthy while turning popularity into profitability. Sam gave some insights including what we should be including in our bios and the 80/20 rule; watch her video in 2 weeks when it's online to learn everything that I did.

The show only took an hour to walk around as press, but I can imagine spending a lot more time here if you're a buyer as there were lots of beautiful, mindful products as well as the opportunity to pitch to Not On The High Street. I'm not ready for that yet, but it opened my eyes to opportunities I had not yet come across. 

The Top 4 Pulse Exhibitors That Resonated With Me Most and I Adored Were:

  • Juno Skincare, a luxury all natural, and where possible organic, handmade skincare line. The name Juno comes from the goddess who was the protector of women and kept watch over all aspects of their lives. The simple, clean lines of the packaging and logo look both elegant and luxurious. Plus the founder Julie was like-able and knowledgeable about her products, ingredients and therapeutical properties which goes a long way in a companies success: Know-Like-Trust!

Since the event I've become more familiar with the line and had the opportunity to try the entire line. The botanical scents and luxe absorbable textures make them feel like a spa escape. Ha, I just went over to the site after writing that last sentence to get some more product details and what had they written:

— Juno Skincare

I couldn't agree more and I have a lot of spa experience; as a professional athlete I'm a regular on the massage (or torture) table.

As much as I may look like I love a face full of makeup in my photos, day-to-day I'm bare faced; save for a heavy dose of moisturizer, thick SPF 50, and a lip balm. My skin gets a beating with photoshoots, appearances, air travel, and the Vegas climate (sun and dry environment) so I'm all about giving it as much TLC and nourishment as I can when I can.

Here's a quick round up and review of Juno Skincare's product line:

Going for a product shot but he wanted in and I couldn't not include my gorgeous boy in the pic since we wanted in on the action. My bathroom shelves just got a whole lot prettier with Juno’s skincare collection.

  • Pûre Nourishing & Reviving Cleanser - 200ml Price £39.00

One of the perks of trying out new skincare products or products in general is learning new things such as the why's and what's of how formulations are created and work. I'm starting with the cleanser, since that's how we start our skincare routines. My Mum always taught me always to cleanse and moisturize day and night no matter how tired we are and my skin definitely has appreciated this. Mums really do know best! A clean face means the other treatments will penetrate more effectively. Why invest in products if you aren't going to give them the optimal chance of working. This is creamy, rich, and effective without stripping the skin of moisture.

  • Illume High Gloss Lip Glaze - 5g Price £16.50

I'm all about balms that don't feel sticky or heavy and aren't heavily scented. This glaze is super pretty; with a hint of color and shine. I always opt for products that have Hyaluronic Acid for both my face and lips (and even use pure hyaluronic acid under my moisturizer to double dose).  This glaze also has Oat Lipid E and an abundance of precious oils ( Frankincense Oil, Rose Oil, Geranium Oil, Ylang Ylang OIl, Patchouli Oil, Linden Blossom Oil, Neroli Oil, Musk Oil, Orange Oil, Jasmine Oil) which give it that delicate floral scent. I've been wearing it alone and over my matte long lasting lipsticks to give them a subtle sheen and prevent dry lips.

  • Eternelle Extremely Hydrating Moisturiser - 50ml Price £43.00

Remember I said I live in the desert and unless you give your skin a ton of moisture it can lock in, you end up with crocodile skin; well this is like bathing your face in satin. I've not had to layer hyaluronic acid underneath this cream since it contains it and is rich enough to answer the call of duty all by itself for both day and night. I've been adding a few tanning drops to mine at night to get my glow on without sticking my face in the sun.

  • Joie Light & Luxurious Day & Night Face Oil - 30ml Price £60.00

    Rather than slathering this all over my face, I've been adding a few drops to the hydrating moisturizer as a little goes a long way (which means more for your money). The oil is designed to refine and balance all skin types. I love waking up looking clear, toned and refreshed and the hydrated skin means less pillow lines (although I sleep on a satin pillow I still get them if I'm dehydrated either internally or externally as I'm a stomach sleeper: I know, so bad!). If you haven't converted to oils yet (why not?), jump on it, even if you think you have greasy skin. This oil is light and absorbs quickly so there's no greasy residue.

Tip: add 1-3 drops into your daily moisturizer before applying foundation for glowing (not shiny), hydrated skin. This is one of my favorite Juno products, with 100% natural ingredients and it's powerful results.

  • Mon Ami Intensely Moisturising Hand Cream - 50ml Price £36.00

I feel like necks and hands are the biggest give aways of age and even young hands can look old when they're dry and cracking. Normally I'm pretty bad about not applying it often enough as I hate greasy hands or scents that overpower my perfume. Well I can see why this is called 'Mon Ami' as it's my new friend and the bottle is pretty and classy enough for me to whip out in public. 

  • Esprit Bath & Body Oil - 30ml Price £7.60

I'm a huge fan of a long soak when I have an evening to myself. I probably run them way too hot but that's how I like them. The heat can be drying so having an oil rather than bubbles to soak in not only feels more luxurious but is more beneficial to my skin too. Juno skincare uses cold pressed oils to lift the spirits and relax the body which is what we're all seeking at the end of the day. If you want to try a few products and save money, this also comes as a bundle with the Pure Cleanser, full size Ésprit Body & Bath Oil and the Éternelle Moisturiser.

  • Julie-Anne Eau de Parfum - 50ml Price £62.00

I'm a woman that likes to have a signature day, evening, and power scent, so I tend to stick to the same 3. So why choose a pure essential oil based perfume? Besides being better for those with sensitive skin; natural essential oils rather than synthetics bring emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy-enhancing, relaxing or mood-lifting. They also don't contain chemicals (which can be absorbed by the skin), toxins, or synthetic smells which can cause migraines, nausea, and lung irritation. I learned something new trying this perfume: Did you know that non natural perfumes mask the skin? Whereas natural perfumes create an individual, more personal scent on the wearer. After all, don't we all want to feel special and unique.

This perfume was:

Inspired by love peace and simplicity, Julie-Anne captures long summer days, the romance of travel to far away places and the magic of a garden in full bloom. It infuses passion into daily life.
— Juno Skincare

The precious oils include Citrus, Jasmine, Rose, Linden Blossom, Neroli, Frankincense, Rose, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Musk Oil which all make for a balanced scent that's neither too floral nor too musky but intriguing, addictive, and rather special.

Tip: A little goes a long way with this due to all of the pure oils, so start with a light application and go from there, plus it lasts all day so don't feel like you have to douse yourself in it!

Juno Skincare results after 1 week.

What are the results from Juno Skincare?

I've braved posting an unedited, makeup-free photo after using the skincare line for a week so you can see the effects.

Disclosure: The tan is from tanning drops not the sun or this line.









  • Art House Meath also won me over; not just because I'm chocolate obsessed but because this non-profit collaboration values the artistic talents of those living with disabilities. Their unique, eye-catching artwork can be seen on their packaging, accessories, clothing, jewelry, soaps, candles and confectionary; all of which can be mix and matched to make for a conscious and mindful purchase and gift.

  • Sassy Wax candles are made from natural soy wax and are both affordable and fun. With over 20 designs, each to celebrate a different occasion, there's something for everyone.

  • Tinker Tailor, as lover of all things sparkly, these also popped up on my radar. These sparklers aren't just your average stick-on! I'm really coveting the Union Jack shaped as a crown, and love the versatility of these along with their ability to customize anything from clothes to cushions to notepads to show your individuality and personality.

It’s the little details that gives a mark of luxury. The delicate beading and stitching, the use of quality crystals to embellish and sparkle. These are the classic markers of treasure. The art of goldwork embroidery using metal threads is prized for the way light plays on it. It can be traced back 2000 years with the earliest examples made in Asia.
— tinkertailorlondon.com

Until next year Pulse London. I can't wait to see the rest of the presentations I missed online in a couple of weeks.