How To Achieve Success With a New Product

By Missy Reder. Founder of AB-EZE.

                                                          Super light and portable.

                                                          Super light and portable.

About Missy Reder

It’s easy to be excited about something in it’s conception phase but you know it’s something special that you believe in, and are passionate about when you’re still enthusiastic about it 2 years later and have created a community for users. Missy Reder created that product! When someone’s as bubbly and sweet as she is (just watch her videos) it’s hard not to get excited about it too. It’s these people you want to succeed.

Missy Reder isn’t just another twenty-something fitness model flaunting rock-hard abs; she’s an experienced yoga teacher, personal trainer, and a 47-year-old mother of four children. After the birth of her youngest child, she was left with diastasis recti and three epigastric hernias, which left her with significant core weakness.

Missy Reder was inspired to create Ab-Eze to restore her core strength and rebuild her mind/body connection during a catamaran sailing trip. Leaning back in the trapeze harness, she had that ‘ah-ha’ moment when she felt her stomach muscles engage again! Together, she and her husband Josh created AB-EZE.

I wanted to know how she got started, what contributed to her success and her fitness advice, since whatever she’s doing isn’t only working but working in the long-term. I also wanted to out AB-EZE to the test for myself.

What advice would you give to women with a product idea on how to get started? What Makes a New Product Successful?

Great questions!

I always say that having an idea is the easy part.  I have books of ideas. It's what you do after you have an idea that's the challenge. This is the second product I've brought to market so I know how challenging it is. If I did not believe in the benefits of AB-EZE so strongly, I would not go through this process again. I know how effective AB-EZE is from first hand experience. So my first piece of advice is to make sure you truly believe in the value of your idea, not just the potential profit. From there, seek out others who have gone through the process, connect with them, and ask questions. Many inventors are happy to share their sources and connections as well as the mistakes they have made. All you have to do is ask. 

What marketing techniques have worked best for you and why?

The best marketing technique that I have found for AB-EZE is to have people try it for themselves. When you see me performing various moves, it looks easy. People cannot grasp how effective AB-EZE is until they experience it first hand. Especially when it comes to AB-EZE dancing. With the support of AB-EZE, you can get into positions that are otherwise inaccessible and experience dancing with your body weight against gravity. People are so surprised how fun, yet challenging, it is to dance with AB-EZE. Everyone who has purchased AB-EZE, loves it! Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I am encouraging them to share their experience with friends and social media. Real people showing how it's used and giving testimonials of the benefits is priceless. 

What is the best fitness advice you've ever been given or can share with us?

The best fitness or nutrition advice is to try it for yourself. Really, that goes for anything lifestyle related. Approaches and techniques may sound good in theory, but you don't know if it’s a good fit for you until you try it for yourself. Whether it’s a style of exercise or special diet, do yourself a favor and give it a committed attempt. Get first hand experience and make personal observations. Do not fall into the trap of following fads. What works for a friend or celebrity, may not work for you. Listen to your body, trust your intuition, and hire a trainer/teacher/coach to help when needed.  My advice when hiring a professional is to look beyond the pro's bio and headshot. Look at their big picture outside of their proposed offerings. Do they lead a balanced lifestyle? Do they apply their teaching into their own life? Have they shown consistency through a number of years? Do you emulate their physique, lifestyle, and habits? I have found that while many teachers are able to provide instructions, not all of them apply their teaching into their own life. If there is a disconnect, that should raise a red flag of caution. Be sure you are investing in someone who walks their own talk.  

I gave AB-EZE a go for myself. Here’s my take on the what, how, and why.


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