Total Body Workout

No Gym, No Problem

What about starting a new challenge to kick your week off? Your body responds to change and new challenges. Let me, Eve Dawes WBFF Pro & NASM certified trainer, demonstrate a total body workout which is a set of 7 exercises you can do anywhere. Keep yourself healthy and motivated by trying something new!

Total Body Workout At Home With These 7 Exercises.

Plank push-up starting position.

  1. Single Leg Knee Ups
  2. Forward & Back Lunges
  3. Curtsey Lunges
  4. Single Leg Deadlifts (with or without dumbbells)
  5. Plank Push-Ups
  6. Superman
  7. Side Plank


  • Feel free to add dumbbells, barbells, or a weighted vest if you have them and want an extra challenge.
  • Perform each exercise for the duration of your choice.
  • Perform as a circuit as many times as you like if you have more time.