Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer Review

All Natural Protein Creamer. Yay or Nay?


The grocery stores are flooded with various creamers these days from regular, to lactose-free, sugar-free, fat-free, all-natural, almond, cashew, the list goes on. However, very few are still GMO-free. I tend to drink my coffee black or with a tiny splash of lactose-free milk but I love trying new things as that's how you get to find new things that you either love or decide you can continue to live without.                                                                                                                                                  

When I first saw Ripped Cream on my IG feed it sparked my interest as it's not your typical coffee creamer and was created by fitness fanatics like myself who love things that taste good and are good for you. I'm always looking at ways to add more protein to my diet as conveniently as possible without chowing down on more chicken, tilapia or protein shake; especially since I travel a lot. 


Ripped Cream is the world's first-ever PROTEIN COFFEE CREAMER, formulated with all-natural ingredients to have as much protein as an egg (6g), plus 11 body-building amino acids, as well as 50% of the RDA of Vitamin D3.




  • Easy protein source - Each serving has 6g of Protein and 11 essential amino acids. Experts recommend consuming protein within 30 minutes of waking up each morning to promote optimum health.

  • 2 Flavors - Lean Vanilla Bean & Chizzled Chocolate in resealable bags in 2 sizes (8oz & 16oz).

  • Satisfying & satiating - to help control your weight by keeping your tummy happy! :)

  • Nutritional Energy Drink-Ripped Cream's nutrition offers a small dose of complex carbohydrates, sugar, fat, and protein, making it a great energetic way to start the day!

  • All natural ingredients.

  • Vitamin D3 DID YOU KNOW that Vitamin D3 is one of the most deficient nutrients in the typical American diet? Not good, because its important for bone health, which is important as we age.. and that's why we put 50% of the RDA in each serving!

  • Can also be used in tea and hot chocolate.

Coffee is a really personal drink; we all like to customize it in our own way. I take mine hot or cold, black or white and unless it's great quality European or Kona coffee, pretty sweet (either with stevia or sugar-free syrup. I know!!! It's so bad for me but it's a vice I'm not willing to give up, much like alcohol). My husband Lewis always adds a flavored creamer and either white chocolate syrup or a small amount of Coffee Bean's White Chocolate powder.

Eve's Review Ripped Cream Chizzeled Chocolate:

Taste: It wasn't sweet enough for me so I added stevia, and I also felt guilty adding more calories and fat to my coffee which is decadent for me. For those that won't give up their coffee creamer, it's a brilliant choice; a much more natural and more nutritious option. Plus you can travel with it on planes, unlike liquid creamers. For me personally, I would prefer to just use my regular protein powder to get that protein boost but without the carbs and fat. However, we all have different nutritional wants and needs. I have a client that won't give up her creamer so I'm definitely going to turn her onto Ripped Cream; she'll be in heaven!

Smell: This smells amazing!!! Like real cocoa powder.

Anything Else: At under $12 a bag (23 servings) it's more affordable than many protein powders. I love that it's lactose-free & GMO-free.

Lewis's Review Ripped Cream Lean Vanilla Bean:

Taste: You could smell but not really taste the vanilla. It's not sweet so I would still want to add my powder or syrup to sweeten it, and maybe even more creamer. I add creamer to cool it down which the powder doesn't do. For those that like unsweetened coffee it's good as you have the option to leave unsweetened or add your sweetener of choice to it.

Smell-It didn't really smell like vanilla (or natural vanilla) but more like sour protein powder.

Ease of mixing-blended fairly easy, even better if you use a small whisk like you'd use with the Coffee Bean powder.

Anything Else: I would rather have my coffee as I normally take it and have a separate protein shake.

In Conclusion:

I had hoped to squeeze 10g of protein in per serving, but I knew that the general population would not give up the taste.  Coffee creamer is the downfall for most health nuts. I worked really hard with the chemists/formulators to find a balance between fat, sugar, carbs and calories. It wasn’t easy!! :)
— Robin Dimiceli, President Ripped Cream

Ripped Cream was developed by Robin Dimiceli who understood that most people aren't willing to give up flavor for nutrition; she has tried to bring the best of both together. Her goal in formulating Ripped Cream was to eliminate the chemicals, hydrogenated oils, and trans fats, and create a cleaner coffee creamer that added protein and Vitamin D3. Ripped Cream was not necessarily created to be a diet creamer. It is instead, a clean alternative to coffee mate and Starbucks with added nutrition.

Ripped Cream isn't intended to be a meal or protein shake replacement but more like if you go straight for coffee in the morning and do not get any protein, Ripped Cream will give you enough of a protein boost to get your metabolism going until you get to your first meal of the day!


Ripped Cream has just enough healthy fat (coconut oil) to be a runner up to the bullet proof coffee with added protein.
— Robin Dimiceli, President Ripped Cream

I'm really looking forward to the future of Ripped Cream; especially if they create a cleaner version, with stevia and higher protein! If you are already skipping the unhealthy creamers with chemicals and trans fats you are already doing what is best! However, if you are on of the other 67% of coffee drinkers who still use Coffee Mate then Ripped Cream is giving you a cleaner version that allows you to keep the sweet creamy flavor while skipping the bad stuff! Now that sounds like a win.

So, if you love creamer and are looking for a more natural, nutritious option this is the alternative for you. It also has a long shelf life and is easy to travel with. 


Ripped Cream Protein Coffee Creamer

Discloser: I was given a free sample of Ripped Cream for review purposes. All opinions are unbiased and my own.