Natural Metabolism Boosters

Kickstart Your Metabolism With These Natural Metabolism Boosters.

Time to Ramp It Up!

You're putting in the work at the gym and with your nutrition but if you're like the rest of the population; want results sooner than later.

Here are 4 natural, easy and affordable metabolism boosting ingredients that you can add to your meals to boost your energy and assist you in achieving your ideal body shape without resorting to supplements and energy drinks.

1. Black Coffee or Green Tea 

Caffeine might sound obvious but I'm not talking about the sugary laden and cream based coffees that negate the benefits and are calorie packed, I'm talking about straight up black coffee or green tea which is also packed with anti oxidants and has mood enhancing benefits. 

2. Breakfast

No skipping meals! I know it's easy to miss breakfast especially when you're on the go or in a rush but try have a breakfast is based around some quality protein and carbohydrate like scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast to keep you full, get your brain functioning, and to rev up your metabolism after fasting all night.

3. Spices

Add some spice to your life, whether its cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, cayenne or chilis. I don’t like hot spices like chili or cayenne but if you can eat these or hot sauces go for it, otherwise cinnamon and ginger are also amazing, I mix them into my breakfast. Not only do they boost your metabolism but they have other benefits like aiding your digestion, being anti-inflammatories (great for after working out), and balancing hormones. Extra benefit-adds flavor without adding calories.

4. Meal Replacement Shake

If you’re not a big eater in the morning, I get it, go for a shake instead. Either make one at home or grab one on the go. Preferably vegetable not fruit based (except for lemon), add a scoop of protein and a little nut butter, nuts, or avocado to make it thicker, more filling and add healthy fats making it a more complete meal and keeping you full for longer and helping boost your energy.

How do you make sure you have a healthy start your day? Drop a comment below.

This video was created in collaboration with Faviana Glam & Gowns.