All About Abs. 3 Ab Exercises For A Fast Effective Workout

All About Abs

Everyone wants to get abs without giving up their daily life! I'm here to show you 3 quick exercises to strengthen and tone all of your ab muscles from all angles. Visible abs will only come with good nutrition and a low body fat percentage but strength comes from training.

Eve Dawes: All About Abs. 3 exercises to strengthen your abdominals from all angles.

What You Need:

A mat or towel

What To Do:

Do 3 Circuits of 3 these exercises to strengthen and tone all of your ab muscles.

  1. Exercise 1: Crunches x 50
  • Exhale and draw in your stomach as you crunch, inhale as you lower.
  • Keep stomach pulled in throughout.
  • Don’t pull on your neck

     2. Exercise 2: Hips up x 50

  • Try not to use momentum but ab muscles to lift hips off of the floor.
  • Keep movement small and controlled.

     3. Exercise 3: Windscreen Wipers x 10

  • Breathe in to lower legs and inhale to come back to center.
  • Head goes opposite way to legs.
  • Keep both shoulders and arms on the floor.
  • Bend knees to make the exercise easier.

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