5 Exercises in 5 Minutes For a Fabulous Booty

Booty Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Who has the time or desire to work out for hours and hours?! Keep it simple, intense, and be consistent. I'm not peddling a magic pill and sorry, it won't happen overnight and it won't offset too much pie ;) However, at this time of year when it's so easy to skip workouts and head out to events and parties, at least you can do this at home quickly and easily; anything's better than nothing!

For optimal results, it's best done consistently and along with a healthy lifestyle, to really feel it and see it work. It's even better done in addition to your regular workout routine.

How to get your booty fabulous in 5 steps! 

Booty, abs and shoulders are my favorite muscles to work so sometimes I forget to share other exercises. What other exercises would you like to see next on Glamour and Gains by Eve?

Want to change it up, try my Bikini Butt Power Workout and let me know what you think.