WBFF Pro Legs & Butt Workout by Eve Dawes

Copy the Fitness Pro. Get the Legs & Booty !!!

This video is part of a series I created in collaboration with Faviana and Glam and Gowns to make health and fitness accessible to everyone.

It's never too early to prep for all of the year-end festivities! As a WBFF Pro Bikini Diva, I've always had to focus hard on these areas. Here are a few of my non-machine favorite moves to get your legs and butt in excellent shape.


  • Workout out conscientiously: Concentrate on feeling the muscles you want to work, working.
  • Add weight or reps each time you do this workout to keep the muscles challenged and gaining strength and stamina.
  • Engage your core throughout.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be patient with results. The time it takes to see a difference varies for everyone as we all have different diets among other variants.
  • Don't give up! Often it's tempting to give up before we see results rather than trusting the process and being patient. The results will come!

What's your favorite move from this video? What else would you like to see me demonstrate or help you with on Fitness by Eve?