How to do Step Ups

An Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

Just because seasons change, it doesn't mean we can be lazy for the part of the year that we're more covered up! Just because the bikini’s may be getting shoved to the back of the closet or drawer for another 7 months is not an excuse especially when you can workout with no equipment anywhere.

This is your body for life not for a season or 90 day challenge.  Since the legs are such a big muscle group, they're an important muscle group to focus on so that's what we'll start with.

Check out all of the exercises in the No equipment needed series and arrange them as you like: on their own, as supersets, circuits, etc. 

Starting with 

Step Ups:

  • Start standing behind a step/bench with feet together.

  • Step up with right leg, pushing off the left and extending the left leg straight behind you as high as you can without losing your balance.

  • Concentrate on squeezing the butt.

  • Step back down on left and bring right foot back down so that you have both feet on the ground again.

  • Repeat 12 times on right leg and then switch legs. Do 3-5 sets.

  • Remember to make sure you are warm before you start and to stretch out your butt afterwards.



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