Bikini Butt Power Workout To Lift & Tone Your Glutes

Lift Your Buttocks!

Exercises for Glutes

Add this Bikini Butt Power Workout routine to your regular workouts to scorch some serious calories, add power and do some serious toning with the plyometric component. Exercises for the glutes have become increasingly popular for females so let's do this!

Go low, go hard, focus on the booty muscles working to feel and see the results. Remember to stretch afterwards to help minimize delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) especially as this butt workout has a large plyometric component.

Key Points:

  • With squats and deadlifts go as low as possible without sacrificing form.
  • When doing deadlifts place your body weight more towards your heels when bending forwards and only put a slight bend in your knees (they should be practically straight for this variation), then concentrate on squeezing the glutes as you return to an upright position.
  • For the ultimate cardio workout keep rest periods to a minimum and go straight from one exercise to the next exercise.
  • Remember to refuel after you're done with some kind of protein to help your muscle synthesize rather than break down.

Bikini Butt Power Workout To Lift & Tone Your Glutes Fitness by Eve

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