No Equipment Needed Exercise Series

Workout anywhere, anytime

The Great Outdoors

I'm a Sun worshipper (although covered in SPF50 & a sun hat) so I love getting my Vitamin D fix and working out outside as long as it's not too hot! 

So why be cooped up inside? Why not take it to the beach, park, mountains, lake or wherever you were planning on going? Whether it's yoga, running, stretching, plyometrics, ab exercises or any kind of resistance exercise. It doesn't have to be mammoth, just doing one thing is better than nothing at all. 

Choose any or all of these exercises from the No Equipment Needed series and use however fits into your workout plan: one by one, supersets, circuits, etc. These are just a starting point, feel free to add anything else you'd like to make it your own.


Step Ups


Tricep Dips