Healthier Happy Hour Appetizer Alternatives

Happy hours even happier when done guilt-free

So happy hour rolls around again and who doesn't love socializing? Myself included. A Happy Hour every now and again never hurt anyone but sometimes there's periods of time where they happen more than less and life's too short to say no! 

I think you should be able to go about your normal way of life (whatever that is to you), not miss out of what you love and still manage to have a healthy lifestyle, with a few simple lifestyle habits. 

I'm not saying to stick to the healthy alternatives 100% of the time, but if you do more often than not, you've got much more chance of staying on track!

Here are a few appetizer alternatives to keep your nutrition under control.  Enjoy and have a fabulous, fit night out.


  • Salsa or tomato instead of cheese or cream based dips and sauces

  • Home made or made fresh table-side guacamole rather than store bought.

  • Raw vegetables instead of dipping chips

  • Grilled Chicken skewers/ Chicken Satay instead of wings and fried chicken

  • Ceviche or Poke instead of calamari

  • Sliders protein style with lettuce instead of the cheese & bun

  • Wine or champagne instead of cocktails and beer (generally less sugar and calories)

  • Crab cakes instead of wontons or potstickers

  • Chicken Lettuce wraps instead of quesadillas, tacos or flautas

  • Flatbread instead of deep pan or stuffed crust pizza

  • Sashimi instead of sushi

 Now that we've got the healthier appetizer alternatives covered what about the drinks?* 

If you're staying in or having people over check out my martini recipes:

Superfood Acai & Citrus Martini

*Always drink responsibly

 Healthier Happy Hour Alternatives. Glamour and Gains by Eve.